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What is Childbook

Childbook is a web application for all parents and parents-to-be who are looking for an easy way to record important moments from your child's life. All the data will be accessible by parents, grandparents, friends and the children themselves. You can grant the access to anybody you like. They will have the possibility to watch and comment on the evolution of your baby. At the same time, you'll be able to watch the books of your friends and relatives.

You'll surely appreciate that Childbook is for free. To keep it that way, we need you to try hard and be diligent with the diaries. You'll appreciate that in the future, too; and not just you. The book fairy Eveline will reward you with pearls for being active. With those, you'll be able to activate new chapters. And because Eveline is a good fairy who cares for all the children and their parents, she'll be also sending you gifts for these pearls.

You can keep track of all the news at our blog. You can also read the Story of Childbook describing how it all started in the mind of one Dad.

„Childbook - the future in preserving the past.“


Childbook ecosystem
  • Creating the book by particular chapters.
  • Informatory text to the whole childhood.
  • Tips for important moments.
  • Settings of visibility and accessibility of the book.
  • Easy to share with family and friends.
  • Easy text and picture adding.
  • Commenting on the photos and moments
  • Mobile applications to upload and view the pictures easily.
  • Follow your friends

Comming soon

  • Video upload.
  • New chapters expanding the possibilities of the book
  • E-mail notifications.
  • Export of the online book into a printed photobook.

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Our mission

We want Childbook to become a kind of diary, keeping track of your baby's life from the first months in the belly through its first steps to the first school day, let's say. Childbook is created with love to childhood and its ephemeral character. Time flies. Don't hesitate and start your baby's diary today.

„To create a web application helping parents all over the world keep perfect memories of their children's childhood.“

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What is Childbook?

  1. Online diary of your baby

    Your guide to the most beautiful time of your life.

  2. Printed photobook

    Photobook full of recollections and unique moments from childhood.

  3. Childbook for mobile

    Easily upload photos of your baby to Childbook.